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About the series

When I was 14 years old (1992), I started playing paintball.  I enjoyed my time making fields in the woods with friends and playing at a few local fields.  However, 1999 I played my first 3 man tournament and that is where I became hooked.  From 1999 until 2009 I played several different formats and was able to be apart of several different leagues/series.  Throughout these leagues/series I was able to experience first hand the evolution of sport from format change, number of players on the field, fields, woods, and all the way to rubber bunkers. 


The Legacy Evolution Series will allow every player to experience my journey all packaged together to be cost effective.  There are no huge prizes, but there is no huge price to participate either.    

Come out this summer and experience the progression and evolution of the game that I have grown to love.  If you are traveling and need camping, we have you covered.    This season you will experience 3 man woods, 5 man old school field, 5 man airball, and "real" Xball.  

See you on the field!

Series information

Register soon as there are only a few spots available. 

Event 1 - 3man

3 v 3

mech or 5bps

Mech. or 5 BPS

*10 teams max

Event 2 - 5man

5 v 5

Old School Tourney field

Mech or 5 BPS

* 10 teams max

Event 3 - 5man

5 v 5

Airball NXL field

10.5 BPS

*10 team max

Event 4 - Xball

5 v 5 

30 min match (15 min halves)

12.5 BPS

*5 teams max