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About the LEague

When I was 14 years old (1992), I started playing paintball.  I enjoyed my time making fields in the woods with friends and playing at a few local fields.  However, 1999 I played my first 3 man tournament and in 2005 I played my first "real" Xball event.  This format, to me, was the best paintball has offered.   I want to share this with as many teams/players as possible. 

LegacyX is a club/franchise based league that currently offers one division (novice).  The format is simple: two 20 min halves, 12.5 bps, scoreboard, and more points in one event than playing an entire season of any other league.

Come out this summer and experience the full Xball matches.  If you are traveling and need camping, we have you covered.   

See you on the field!

League information

AM division

Coming  in future

40 min match

15 person roster

TBD  bps

Novice Division

Available 2022

40 min match

12 person roster

12.5 bps

Rookie Division

Coming in future

30 min match

10 person roster

12.5 bps

Beg. Division

Possibly 2022

3.v 3

20 min match

10.5 bps

6 person roster

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