Sun, Jul 04 | Plattsburgh

Red, White, and Blue (Airsoft Event)

Red, White, and Blue July 4th, 2021 You should start to arrive to the field around 10:30 to register. Names will be drawn sharply at 11:10am and game time will start at 11:30am.
Red, White, and Blue (Airsoft Event)

Time & Location

Jul 04, 11:00 PM – Jul 05, 2:30 PM
Plattsburgh, 84 Fair Grounds Rd, Plattsburgh, NY 12901, USA

About The Event

Red, White, and Blue

July 4th, 2021

You should start to arrive to the field around 10:30 to register. Names will be drawn sharply at 11:10am and game time will start at 11:30am. It should be noted that each team pay close attention to the times because once the game starts players cannot enter the field until the match has completed (this means you may miss a battle). The day will allow for short breaks for teams to reload and organize. Just be aware of the time and be ready near the entry to the field.

Additionally, three captains will be chosen prior to the start of the day and will be announced leading up to the event.

Three teams will be broken up evenly prior to the start of the day.

NOTE: Make sure to bring a red, white, and blue T-shirt/long sleeve/hoodie as you will wear them to represent your team. If you do not have one, there will be a short supply of T-shirts available at the event ($15 each).

Block 1 - Take or eliminate the captain (Far field and middle field)

Your mission is to eliminate or capture the captain.

Eliminate = making the captain use all respawns and no longer can play.

Capture = This can be achieved by sneaking up on said captain and bang banging them. Once bang banged the captain has to go to the start base of the opposing team.

NOTE: The captain can yell for help and any player from their team can tag and let them back in the game.

Pts: 10 pts for elimination of captain or 20 pts for a capture. Additionally, 5 points will be awarded to the team that wins the match (by eliminating all players or has the most alive at the end of time).

It too should be noted that the game continues for the full game time or until all players are eliminated (not just when and if the captain is taken/eliminated.)

Game time: 10 min. each

Respawns: 1 per player and 2 per captain.

11:30 – 1210pm

R vs B (11:30 – 11:40)

B vs W (11:45 – 11:55)

W vs R (12pm – 12:10)

Block 2 (CQB)

Your job is to steel all of the other teams’ cones and place them on your side. This needs to be done in 8 minutes or less. Note: 1 respawn for all players (two lives); captains 2 respawns (three lives). Points: 1 point per cone stolen; 5 points for winning match (to win match you either get all cones or have the most alive at the end of time).

12:15 – 12: 50

R vs B (12:15 – 12:23)

B vs W (12:28 – 12:36)

W vs R (12:41 – 12:49)

Block 3 (The Battle for Bunker Hill)

Two teams have decided to team up and take the hill (Spool and Barrel field). Your job is to hold the hill and not let the other team(s) take the hill. Holding the hill successfully in the given time will result in 20pts. Taking the hill would result in 10pts for each team. NOTE: Two respawns per person (three lives) and captains receive 3 respawns (4 lives).

12:55 – 105

*Round 1 Red vs. White & Blue


*Round 2 White vs Blue & Red

1:25 – 1:35

* Round 3 Blue vs. Red & White

Block 4 (Survive)

This is the ultimate free for all battle royal. Every team for themselves. Your objective is to steel the other team’s flag. The team with all three flags wins the game or the team that can eliminate all the other teams. All fields will be utilized and this will be done three times. Additionally, each team will have a chance to start at different areas on the field.

NOTE: When a team captures all three flags, that does not mean the game is over. You can steel back what is yours. Three respawns per player (including captain).

Pts. = 3 points for each flag a team is in control of; 5 points for a win (team with most alive or team that wins it all).

1:45 – 155

*Round 1 Red (CQB) --- Blue (Fair Field) ---- White (Fair Corner of Barrels)

2:00 – 210

*Round 2 Red (Fair field) --- Blue (Fair Corner of Barrels) ---- White (CQB)

2:15 – 2:25

*Round 3 Red (Fair Corner of Barrels) ---Blue (CQB) ---- White (Fair field)

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